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19 November 2004


Not a whole lot has happened since I last wrote, but since it is only 11:00 and I am already done for the day I thought I'd take the opportunity.  Leaving Blenheim two days ago the conditions were perfect -- it made me want to put in a long hard day and bike 130k to Kiakoura in order to make up for one of the rain days that I've had. 

About an hour after starting out, conditions deteriorated quickly -- I soon was getting kicked in the teeth by a monstrous headwind.  Due to limited opportunities for places to stay and get food I was forced to cut my day just after 55k.  The place that I stayed was not one to soon forget though. The Pedaler's Rest is a hostel/farm stay about 9k south of Ward.  Jim and Denise have a six bed building which was formerly the shearer's quarters.  I was surrounded by the farm atmosphere, especially the sheep.  Last night it started to get on my nerves listening to the continual bleating, but it wasn't as bad as when it started at 4:44 this morning.

Needless to say, I got a quick start to this morning's ride.  I was on the sealed road by 6:30 and finished the 83k by 11:00 .  It was a quick flat ride along the west coast of the South Island with snow covered peaks to my right and endless blue ocean to my left.  I would have gotten here much sooner, but the desire to stop and enjoy the incredible scenery often took over.

This afternoon I will be going sea kayaking near a seal colony outside of Kiakoura.  Recently they have seen dolphins, whales and penguins also on the trip so here's hoping...  Tomorrow I continue biking towards Christchurch, but am toying with the idea of hoping on a bus as the winds are supposed to pick up from the south (again…) potentially making tomorrow's ride extremely painful.  I'll play it by ear -- as usual. 

Hope all are doing well, only three weeks left and I'm feeling the crunch of too much yet to see.






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