Bottle of Red; Bottle of White
17 November 2004


OK maybe not an entire bottle of each but a proper sampling...  Yesterday I didn't make it far from Picton due to wind and rain -- followed my gut instinct in the fact that "this sucks" and got off the bike after 28k in Blenheim.  It worked out as I wanted to do some wine tours anyway - but was frustrated to find out that I was booked out any of that afternoon’s travels.  So I waited a day.

I just got back from traveling with five other people (4 from UK , 1 Kiwi) and our guide to eight different wineries in the Marlborough region. The area is famous for it's Sauvignon Blanc but the Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are becoming equally popular.  I am not sure how much wine I had, but I think it was a good idea I paid for the tour instead of biking the route as I previously had thought about doing. 

Tomorrow I will head out of town and I'm praying the wind dies down as it is still blowing ferociously.  I will stay in a cyclist hostel outside of Ward about 60k away and then head onto Kiakoura.  Kiakoura has great marine wildlife and is known for seals, dolphins and whales. I am taking a 4 hour kayak trip in the area in hope to see some of these.  From there I will be heading to Christchurch and should arrive on Tuesday.

Well my time on the internet is just about out.  Gotta run. 






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