Bike Gear
Item Quantity Packed? Notes
Trek 520 Touring Bike 1   Freshly tuned
Continental Top Touring 2000 Tires 2   New to avoid issues w/ customs
Bike Tubes 700x32C 4   2 on 2 spares
Park Tools Self Adhesive Patches 1   hoping not to need them
ToPeak Multi-Tool (w/ chain tool) 1    
Nalgene 750mL Water Bottles 2   Don't get funky as other bottles
Arkel OverDesigns Panniers - Front 2    
Arkel OverDesigns Panniers - Back 2    
Jandd Mountaineering Handlebar Bag 1    
Jandd Mountaineering Expedition Rear Rack 1    
Jandd Mountaineering Low-Rise Front Rack 1    
ToPeak Wedge Seat Pack 1    
Blackburn Frame Pump 1   Full sized pump makes a difference
CatEye Enduro 2 Bike Computer 1    
Lonely Planet Bike NZ Guide 1   Proved virtually worthless
Pedalers Paradise Bike NZ Guide 2    
Cycling Clothing
Pearl Izumi Lycra Bike Shorts 2    
Pearl Izumi Bike Jerseys 2    
Pearl Izumi White Line Bike Gloves 2    
Fox Racing Long Fingered Bike Gloves 2    
Bell Sports Bike Helmet 1   Compensatory
New Balance CoolMax Socks 3    
Shimano SH-M221 Mtn Bike Shoes 1    
Arnette CatFish Sunglasses 1    
Day Clothing
REI Convertible Pants/Shorts 1    
REI Commuter Pants 1    
Boxers 3    
New Balance CoolMax Socks 1    
SmartWool Socks 1    
Chaco Z1 Colorado Sandals 1    
NorthFace Breathable Long Sleeve 1    
MooseJaw Long Sleeve Tee-Shirt 1    
Short Sleeve Tee Shirts 2    
New Balance Baseball Hat 1    
NorthFace Stocking Cap 1    
Sierra Designs SoftShell Jacket 1   Proved to be priceless
Oakley C Wire Sunglasses      
Camping Gear
HeadLamp 1    
Batteries for HeadLamp 4    
MSR WhisperLite Camp Stove 1   Cleaned well and aired out for plane
MSR Fuel Bottle 1   Empty and cleaned well for airplane
Nalgene Water Bottle 2   Show you're American
MSR Hubba Hubba Tent 1   Cleaned to avoid issues w/ customs
MoonStone 800 Lucid Sleeping Bag 1    
MSR Cookset 1    
Compass 1    
Mr. Brunner's Soap 1    
Sunscreen 1   Priceless, poor ozone in NZ
Contact Solution 1    
Toothpaste 1    
Toothbrush 1    
Razor 1    
Shaving Cream 1    
Shaving Lotion 1    
Floss 1    
Shampoo/Body Wash 1    
Luxury Items
Apple Mini-Ipod 1   Usually my only friend
Apple Ipod Battery Pack 1    
Batteries for Ipod 4    
Cannon Digital Camera 1    
1GB FlashMedia card for camera 1    
Spare Camera Batteries 2   Only needed one spare
Journal 1    
Bible 1    
Leisure Book 1    





Equipment List