And Counting...
31 October 2004


About 1:00 am last night as I was slowly drifting away to sleep I realized that I had passed a milestone.  The time remaining until my flight was less than the time I would be traveling to get to New Zealand .  My reaction -- that sucks...  My legs and buttocks are not looking forward to the long hours of sitting that are in my future. On the contrary, my feet, eyes, ears, nose, and soul are very much looking forward to arriving -- I figure moments before touchdown my body parts will kiss and makeup. At least that is what I’m hoping.

Some of you know, my goal was to get everything into my bike box, one duffel bag and a carry-on.  Amazingly it happened, although it took some time and help from friends to put the jig saw puzzle together last night.  There are two pictures of the mess in the photo album section, one of the bike in the box prior to closing it up (mind you wheels still went in there) and another one of everything ready to go.  Once I am ready to hit the road I'll send you a picture of what my bike looks loaded up -- I'll give you a hint, HEAVY. 

As the time before I head off to the airport slips away, it amazes me how settled I am. The nerves from days previous have passed away now that it is all packed and ready to go.  Despite all of the well wishes for my safety and the constant reminders of "be careful," I have no worries for either my safety or encountering any issues that cannot be overcome.  I pray that the peace in my heart and mind continues throughout my trip.

At this point I really don't have much more to say except thank you.  Thanks to Leah for creating and maintaining my web page, thanks to my friends who have encouraged me through my nervousness, thanks to Laura for running errands for me and putting up with my stress level this past week.  Most importantly thank you God for granting me this amazing opportunity.

Keep in touch, I'll hopefully have periodic access to e-mail in order that I can send you all updates and pictures. 

Take care, God Bless, I love you all!

Ride On,






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